Borobudur Temple Compounds*
UNESCO World Heritage Site

State Party Template:INA
Type Cultural
Criteria i,ii and vi
Reference 592
Region** Asia-Pacific
Inscription history
Inscription 1991  (15th Session)
* Name as inscribed on World Heritage List.
** Region as classified by UNESCO.

Borobudur Temple Compounds is a term used by the World Heritage designation of the area of 3 Buddhist temples in Central Java, Indonesia. It comprises of Borobudur, Mendut, and Pawon. These 3 temples are located in a straight line, and have been considered as being built during the Sailendra dynasty (eightninth centuries).


Location three Buddhist temples, Borobudur-Pawon-Mendut, in one straight line.

Mendut Temple Afternoon

Mendut Temple.


Pawon Temple.

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