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The Book of Jarom is one of the books that make up the Book of Mormon. According to the text it was written by Jarom, a descendant of the prophet Nephi.

The book consists of a single chapter. According to the chapter heading, the book covers the time period between ca 420 BC and 361 BC and describes the efforts of the Nephite prophets to "keep them [the Nephites] in the way of truth". It also describes the prosperity of the Nephites- they grew in number, worked in gold and silver, built buildings and machinery, engaged in various metalworks, agriculture equipment as well as weaponry. It also records conflict with the Lamanites: "wars, and contentions, and dissensions, for the space of much of the time" (Jarom 1:13).

Keepers of the Record

The record, or a book written on sheets of gold, is passed down from one generation to another. Nephi, the writer of First and Second Nephi, forged the plates to keep a record of the history of his people, to write down prophecies and spiritual teachings, and make a record of Jesus Christ.

Nephi passed them to his brother Jacob (Jacob 1:1-4)
Jacob passed them to his son Enos (Jacob 7:27)
Enos passed them to his son Jarom (Jarom 1:1)
See Omni for more generations

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