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Bogojavlensky sobor Kostroma

Bogoyavlensky Cathedral in Bogoyavlensky Monastery

Bogoyavlensky (Bogoyavlensko-Anastasjin, Epiphany) Monastery (Богоявленский, Богоявленско-Анастасьин монастырь) is a Russian Ortodox monastery in Kostroma (Russia).

The male Bogoyavlensky Monastery was founded in XV century by Nikita who was a disciple and a relative by Sergy Radonezhsky.

In 1559 the construction of the monastic Bogoyavlensky Cathedral was begun. In 1570 some monks from the monastery were accused of the supporting to Vladimir of Staritsa and punished by Ivan the Terrible.

In XVII century the monastic house and the bell tower were constructed. It's interesting that the bell tower was a simple tower of the walls and was reconstructed as a belltower in XIX century. Also in XIX century the Сhapel and additional facilities for Bogoyavlensky Cathedral were constructed.

After the Revolution the Monastery was abolished. The renaissance of monastery as a female one began in 1990s years. Now in the Monastery Fedorovskaya Icon of Virgin is situated. In our days the passage to the monastery is prohibited.

Coordinates: 57°46′23″N 40°55′30″E / 57.7730777878°N 40.9250944544°E / 57.7730777878; 40.9250944544ru:Богоявленский монастырь (Кострома)

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