The Bnei Makir (Hebrew: בני מכיר Bani Maker, "Children of Machir") are a subgroup of the Israelite tribe of Manasseh that settled on the eastern side of the Jordan River, just outside of Canaan. They are referenced twice in the Torah, in Genesis 20:53 and Numbers 32:39, as well as in Joshua 13:31 and 1 Chronicles 2:23. Their tribal territory extended from Mount Hermon in the north of Bashan to the southern boundary of Gilead. The founder of the Bnei Makir is the biblical character, Machir, son of Manasseh. Many Bible scholars believe that the Bnei Makir were culturally and linguistically different from their relatives who settled on the west of the Jordan, having strong influences from both Aramean and Egyptian peoples. The majority of the Bnei Makir were exiled by the Assyrians, circa 721 BC.

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