SHO-REN-KO Blue Lotus Assembly Order of the Tendai Lineage is a form of Buddhism established in North America.

The Founder, Stephen K. Hayes, was originally a Martial arts practitioner and instructor, establishing the Japanese Bujinkan in North America, and later creating his own art of To-Shin Do.

The Blue Lotus Assembly has temples and meeting places in Ohio and Colorado.

Sho-Ren Ko is translated to mean "Blue Lotus Assembly," the name of which is derived from the Shoren-In Blue Lotus Temple of Kyoto, former temple home of the poet priest Jien (1155-1225), 62nd Zasu Headmaster of Tendai, whose name inspired the Dharma name given to Blue Lotus Assembly founder Stephen Kinryu-Jien Hayes.

Blue Lotus Assembly teachings are based on the teachings and practices of Tendai and the Mountain ascetic practices of the shugendo yamabushi.

Distinctly American

The Blue Lotus Assembly Order of the Tendai Lineage, it should be noted, has no direct affiliation with, or oversight from the Japanese Tendai administration, or the Japanese government. Being founded in North America, by an American Tendai priest - the BLA is self-directing and autonomous in its affairs. The biggest implication of this is that the Blue Lotus Assembly training and teaching of esoteric buddhism (vajrayana, or mikkyo) - is more open than in its parent organization, Tendai. Where the full range of teachings and practices in Japanese Tendai are restricted solely to its priesthood, the Blue Lotus Assembly Order seems to take a more egalitarian approach.

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