• Bishop Ron Feyl

    The Order of Exorcists is a International organization of clergy and laity who work side by side in an worldwide ministry of exorcism. Clergy from any jurisdiction is welcome to join and be trained as an Exorcist for their parish/jurisdiction. Laity are also welcome to the Order of Exorcists, where they would be trained as demonic investigators and do first contact interviews, conduct demonic investigations and prepare the assessment report that would be submitted to the Chief Exorcist Archbishop Ron Feyl, SOSM For more information about joining the Order of Exorcists visit or

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  • Budhai


    Hinduism and Buddhism share some of the following similarities.

    Hinduism and Buddhism share some of the similarities, such as Both Hinduism and Buddhism emphasize the illusory nature of the world and the role of karma in keeping men bound to this world and the cycle of births and deaths, desire is the root cause of suffering and removal of desire results in the cessation of suffering. Some of the Hindu texts such as the Upanishads (Isa) and the Bhagavadgita consider doing actions prompted by desire an attachment would lead to bondage and suffering and that performing actions without desiring the fruit of action would result in liberation, both religions believe in the concept of karma, transmigration of souls and the cycle of birt…

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  • HoubkneghteS


    May 31, 2014 by HoubkneghteS

    Why is this wiki so inactive? There is a lot to be covered, and much more we can cover.

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  • Sabre Bob

    Useful Idiots

    (Another Screwtape tribute)

    Author’s disclaimer: Like CS Lewis, I will not tell you how Treaclegloch’s columns came into my possession.  Like Screwtape and other devils, it must always be remembered that Treaclegloch is a self-serving liar and prone to the particular brand of wishful thinking found in Hell. For those readers not familiar with The Screwtape Letters and Screwtape Proposes a Toast, whenever a devil refers to “the Enemy” he is referring to God and when he refers to “our Father below” he is referring to Lucifer. These and other similar inversions of usage and values should be remembered when interpreting any devilish missive.

    The Infernal Herald is pleased to announce the resumption of a popular though recently interrupted …

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  • Superdadsuper

    Please join bible study wikia. It is simmilair to this wiki but it is more focused on the bible.It is not only an online version of the bible ,but also has study pages so you can understand the bible more.Mutiple view articles are aloud and this wiki does not have very many contrubitors.

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  • Robin Patterson

    I've added this wiki to, but one of you regulars can keep an eye on the page and maybe add a logo! -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 14:28, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Bishop Ron Feyl

    + Archbishop Ron Feyl, SOSM, is the presiding archbishop of a religious order called The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel.

    The Order is in need of more members and five board members.

    We are recruiting seminarians, priests, and paranormal investigators, from every city and state due to increasing demand for exorcisms.

    We also have five openings for board members. Each board member would contribute one hour a month for meetings held over "Skype" for convenience.

    If you are interested please visit our website called Exorcist, The Paranormal Ghost Terminators.

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  • Bishop Ron Feyl

    The Most Reverend Ron Feyl, SOSM, Presiding Archbishop of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel and Chief Exorcist for many Catholic jurisdictions.

    The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel is attempting to recruit members of the clergy from any jurisdiction, in every city, state, and country who are interested in joining the fight of good versus evil, as an exorcist. Please read "Open Letter to All Archbishops Regarding Exorcisms"

    The "Order" is recruiting seminarians, priests, and bishops from any jurisdiction. They would remain within their own jurisdiction while holding a membership in the Order of Exorcists. Once a member, all referrals for exorcism would go to the attention of the bishop of…

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  • Sgt.Friso

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Father Dave worries about Iran

    Dave is responding to a post that started with some positive news about an Iranian woman hoping to win and Olympic medal, but the broader news about Iran's role on the world stage is looking increasinly disturbing. For the full post go here.

    The whole scene is starting to worry me deeply. It seems that Iran is developing a siege mentality and the Western media is responding by doing all it can to whip up anti-Iran fervour.

    Human rights abuses do indeed seem to be on the increase in Tehran but I don't see the threats from Israel and the US as being at all helpful. Indeed, I found this recent article by Daniel Pipes most disturbing.

    Pipes suggests that the only way for Obama to save his r…

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  • Sgt.Friso

    by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC

    4-2-2010 Israeli soldiers detained, on Thursday at dawn, 29 Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank. Army sources claimed that those detained are on their “wanted-list” by the Israeli security.

    Seven residents were kidnapped in Qalqilia district, one in Jenin, three in Ramallah, eight in Bethlehem and ten in Hebron; all were moved to interrogation centers for questioning.

    Nine Palestinians were forced out of their homes in Hebron city and were taken by the soldiers. Their families were forced under the rain while the soldiers searched and sabotaged their homes.

    One resident was kidnapped in the old city of Hebron.

    One resident was kidnapped in Kufur Ra’ey town, south of Jenin, in the northern part of th…

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