The Bishop of Reading is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Oxford, which is within the Province of Canterbury, England.[1]

The title takes its name after the town of Reading in Berkshire. The Bishop of Reading is responsible for the archdeaconry of Berkshire. In 2003, the Reverend Dr Jeffrey John was originally appointed to succeeded the previous incumbent,[2] but withdrew after controversy about his homosexuality.[3]

List of the Bishops of Reading

No. Incumbent From Until Notes
1 James Leslie Randall 1889 1909
in abeyance 1909 1942
2 Arthur Groom Parham 1942 1954
3 Eric Henry Knell 1954 1972
4 Eric Wild 1972 1982
5 Ronald Graham Gregory Foley 1982 1989
6 John Frank Ewan Bone 1989 1997
7 Dominic Walker 1997 2003 Also known as Edward William Murray Walker.[2][4] Translated to Monmouth.[5]
8 Stephen Geoffrey Cottrell [4] 2004 present


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