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Bik'at HaYarden Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית בקעת הירדן‎, Mo'atza Azorit Bik'at HaYarden, lit. Jordan Valley Regional Council), also Aravot HaYarden (lit. Jordan Plains) is a regional council covering 21 Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley in the West Bank. The municipal territory of the council reaches from Mehola in the north, near the Beit She'an Valley, to Jericho in the south.

Most of the settlements are located on the two major north-south roads traversing the council's territory. The Allon Road on the west and Highway 90 on the east. The town of Ma'ale Efraim, a local council, is located within the regional council's borders, but constitutes an independent municipality. The regional council offices are located at the Shlomtzion regional centre.

As of 2006, Dovi Tal is the head of the council.

List of villages

This regional council provides various municipal services for the villages within its territory:[1]


  1. List of communities Jordan Valley Regional Council

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