Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj (Bihar Rationalist Society) is a rationalist group based in Patna, Bihar, India. It is an affiliate of Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations and an associate member of International Humanist and Ethical Union. As its website[1] claims, Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj is a non-profit, educational membership-society for promoting rationalism, humanism, atheism and secularism.

Founder: Dr.Ramendra

The Society was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ramendra who has been teaching philosophy in Patna University for twenty five years since 1983. He has published about twenty five books in English and Hindi and has written hundreds of articles. Some of his publications like, Why I am Not a Hindu, Is God Dead?, Myth of Unity of all Religions and Some Reflections on Ethics are available on the internet.

Dr Ramendra's Ph.D. thesis was on The Ethical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell and his D.Litt. was on M. N. Roy's New Humanism and Materialism. Both these works have been published as books.

Dr. Ramendra is also the author of the e-book Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought.

President: Dr. Kawaljeet

Dr. Kawaljeet is at present the president of the Society. She has done her Ph.D. in philosophy from Patna University. Her research work has been published as JP's Total Revolution and Humanism. She regularly contributes to the Hindi quarterly, Buddhiwadi, published by Buddhiwadi Foundation. She has also collaborated with Dr. Ramendra in writing Rationalism, Humanism and Atheism in Twentieth Century Indian Thought. Some of her publications are available on the internet.

Change of name to "Buddhiwadi Samaj"

In 2006 the Society celebrated twenty years of its existence. Keeping in mind the increase in the scope and influence of its work and the cooperation received at national and international level, its name was changed to "Buddhiwadi Samaj" (Rationalist Society) on this occasion.

Relationship with the Buddhiwadi Foundation

Buddhiwadi Samaj is closely associated with the Buddhiwadi Foundation, which is a non-profit, educational trust for promoting rationalism and humanism. Buddhiwadi, a Hindi quarterly, which was earlier published by Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj, is now being published by Buddhiwadi Foundation. It is still being given free to the members of Buddhiwadi Samaj.


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