There are three Swaiyas authored by Bhatt Salh, entered in Adi Granth. Of these, one Swaiya is in praise of the 3id Guru and two Swaiyas are in praise of the 4th Guru. According to Bhatt Salh, the Gurus had attained the spiritual height through meditation, dedication and devotion. They had captured a victory over the worldly desires by controlling their mind. They had subjugated the evils like passion, anger, greed, ego and lust and were perfect examples of contentment, after acquiring the boon of Nam.

You are the True Master, throughout the Four Ages, As the Lord's Light is dwelling in your heart.

From the beginning of the world, the angels, heavenly laodies, Seekers and the true followers,

Longed to serve thee.

You are the Primal Lord, from time in memory of man, And it is you who have upheld all the three worlds. You are the saviour of the Vedas.

You have mastered the circle of births and deaths.

Guru Amardas has established you as liberator of the world, And now, you ferry across the ocean, one and all.

Says Salh the Bhatt, "You are the only one, the liberator and dispeller of sins".

I submit myse#-to your compassion, Guru Amardas! (2-60)

Adi Granth, p.1406

These are the 11 Bhatts of Sikhism

Bhatt BalhBhatt BhalhBhatt BhikaBhatt GayandBhatt HarbansBhatt JalapBhatt KalsharBhatt KiratBhatt MathuraBhatt NalhBhatt Salh

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