Bhai Thakar Singh (1890 - 1921), one of the Nankana Sahib martyrs, was the son of Bhai Indar Singh and Mai Atar Kaur of the village of Manak Ghumman, in Jalandhar district. In the hope of a better living he migrated to Chakk No. 91 Dhannuana, district Lyallpur, in the Lower Chenab Canal Colony, and settled on an agricultural farm he had rented. Most of the colonizers of this village had come from Jalandhar district. Thakar Singh had felt at home here from the very beginning and soon became very popular for his open and polite manner. Dhannuana was a village which, had become politically very alive under the influence of Akali reformation. Like other Akali activists of the village, Thakar Singh joined the jatha' of Bhai Lachhman Singh Dharovali and fell a martyr under the shower of bullets from the opponents of reform (20 February 1921).

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1. Shamsher, Gurbakhsh Singh, Shahidi Jivan. Nankana Sahib, 1938

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