There was a Sikh who used to visit Anandpur Sahib every month and paid his respects to Guru Gobind Singh. One day Guru Gobind Singh called him near him.

Guru Gobind Singh : gurupyaareo, I have never seen you do seva.

sikh : Maharaj, I have to go back and find majoori (job)...if I don't work my family cannot survive. Now I will go back, find a job, work, then get paid. Then only will my family have food to eat

Guru Gobind Singh : Bhai, Akal Purakh Wageguru takes care of all, it's not you who does everything, its Him. I feel that you should stay here for 6 months and do sewa.

sikh : What! Sorry jee I cant, I have to go back, i cant stop for 6 ghariyaan (1 Ghari = 24 minutes) and you are talking bout 6 months!

Guru Gobind Singh : ok, stay for some lesser time, but I feel you should stay and do sewa here.

sikh : No I canott.

Guru Gobind Singh : ok fine, but on your way back please give this letter to Pir Buddhu Shah.

sikh : Ok i will do that

Guru Gobind Singh wrote a letter to Pir Budhu Shah : "Pir Budhu Shah jee, I am sending you this letter through a Sikh of mine. Please keep him with you for six months at any cost. If he obeys willingly its good, otherwise keep him by all means possible"

Guru Gobind Singh : Here, give it to Pir Budhu Shah

sikh : ok I will

The Sikh reached the house of Pir Budhu Shah who was delighted to receive a letter from Guru Gobind Singh. He kissed the letter, touched it on his forehead, and was very hospitable to the Sikh because he brought the letter from Gurujee.

sikh : ok i have to go

Pir Budhu Shah : wait bhai, let me read the letter u brought

Pir Budhu Shat read the letter

pir budhu shah : chal bhai...the hukam has come for u...u will have to stay with me for 6 months...if u stay willingly then good, otherwise i m gonna keep u at any cost, its Gurujee's hukam...His hukam is my life.

sikh : but i have to go family will die hungry.

The neighbor of this Sikh was a very wealthy man, who was also a devout Sikh. Guru Gobind Singh appeared to him in his dream and said "your neighbor's family are my children, they are my family...from today u have to take care of them"

The kids of the poor Sikh found a big vessel filled with gold coins. Their rich neighbor refurnished their house. Now they lived in total comforts...always had enuff and good food to eat, best clothes to wear...and lived happily.

After the 6 months were over, the sikh was desperate to go.

sikh : sir can i go now? :(

pir budhu shah : yes plzz u may

He started towards his house. On the way he was thinking "my family must have died hungry". He reached to find a beautiful house. His wife came out of the house.

wife : tussi? tu

ssi aa gaye ho?

sikh : yes

wife : plzz go back where u came from...since the day u left, all our problems are over.

After a while he came to know all what had happened. He reached anandpur sahib with his entire family and reached Guru Gobind Singh's darbar.

(the name of this sikh was bhai sajja, which was not his real name...the kind of job he used to do was called sajji majoori, as he didnt have a permanent employer, and so his name became sajja)

Guru Gobind Singh : sajjeya? u are not gonna go find a job? how will your family survive? Sajja : i m sorry Guru Sahib. u were right...akal purakh WAHEGURU takes care of everyone and everything...plzz forgive my foolishness ^_^.

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