Bhai Nanu, a Sikh contemporary of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh, was, according to Bhatt Vahi Multani Sindhi, the son of Bagha resident of Mohalla (ward) Dilvali Sikkhari in the city of Delhi. According to Kesar Singh Chhibbar, Bansavalinama Dasan Patshahian Kd, it was Bhai Nanu who reclaimed the severed head of Guru Tegh Bahadur from Chandani Chowk, the site of the Guru's execution in November 1675, and, accompanied by Bhai Jaita, a Rarighreta Sikh, also of Delhi, carried it to Anandpur, where Guru Gobind Singh cremated it with due honour. Bhai Nanu who later took the rites of the Khalsa and became Nanu Singh, was, according to Bhatt sources, killed in the battle of Chamkaur on 7 December 1705. His two sons, Gharbara Singh and Darbara Singh, were also in the retinue of Guru Gobind Singh. Gharbara Singh laid down his life fighting in the battle of Agamgarh Fort, near Anandpur, on 31 August 1700.


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Bhai Nanu 2

The narrative of Bhai Nanu ji's shaheedi has been done with golden words, as he was one of the first Shaheeds of the Sikh nation. Bhai Nanu ji attained Shaheedi on the day of 3rd October, 1621 in the battle of Ruhela (now Sri Hargobindpur). In this historic battle he killed the son of the disgraceful Dhust Chandu, named Karam Chand. Also Rattan Chand and his father Bhagwan Das Kherar, who was son of Kahne, a relative of Dhust Chandu, were finished by Bhai Nanu Ji.

Bhai Nanu was the son of Bhai Mulla, grandson of Bhai Rao, and great-grandson of Bhai Chahar. He was related to the Parmar-Rajput family. At the time of battle of Ruhela, his family lived at Alipur (district Mujaffargarh, Pakistan). Bhai Nanu Ji was the younger brother of Bhai Bhallu, grandfather of Bhai Mani Singh. (Bhai Bhallu also attained Shaheedi in the battle of Amritsar on 13th april, 1634).

Bhai Nanu was one of the famous Sikhs of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’s times. He visited Guru-ka-Chak (Amritsar) very often. When Guru Sahib created the Sikh army, Bhai Nanu ji joined the force, along with his fellows and relatives. Once, when Bhai Ji was setting the Diwan in a village established by Sri Guru Arjan Sahib ji called Gobindpura, on the ruins of Ruhela, Bhagwana Kherar and Karam Chand (Chandu’s son) attacked Guru Sahib. Alongwith other Gursikhs, also Bhai Nanu Ji fought in this battle at the frontiers. In the hand-fight Bhagwana Kherar died and his son Rattan Chand got wounded. On the sixth day, Rattan and Karam Chand, ajoined by Mughal forces from Jallandhar, attacked Guru Sahib second time.

Historical records tell that the battle raised on the day of 3rd October, and Bhai Nanu Ji hit the attackers fearlessly. Both the generals of the attacking force; Rattan Chand and Karam Chand became the hunt of Bhai Sahib’s Tulwar. The battle waged for several hours, and Bhai Ji cut-off the heads of several attackers and at the end, Bhai Nanu Ji also attained Shaheedi. The following statement is given in ’Bhat Vahi Multani-Sindhi’ about Bhai Nanu Ji:

QUOTE “nwnU bytw mUly kw, pVpoqw cwhV kw, bMs bINJy kw, bMJrauNq, swl solW sY AT`qRw, k`qk pRivSty qIj ky idhuM, gwm ruhIlw prgxw btwlw ky mlHwn, gurU kw bcn pwie rqnw bytw Bgvwny kw, krmw bytw cMdU kw, bwsI klwnOr, ko mwr ky mrw [ gYloN mQrw, bytw iBKy kw, poqw reIey kw, pVpoqw nrsI kw, bMs BgIrQ kw, kOiSS goqR gOV bRwhmx, prwgw bytw goqm kw, Bwrgv goqR, iC`br bRwhmx, hor rx jUJMqy gurU ky joDy swmHy mwQy rx myN jUJ kr mry [” (B`t vhI, mulqwnI isMDI, Kwqw bMJrauNqo kw)

In the history of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the names Nanu or Nano are mentioned. Bhai Nanu or Bhai Nano are the same person, and this difference of vowels has only araised because of confusion. In ‘Gurbilas Pathshahi Chevin’ chapter 14, the following account is found of Bhai Nanu (Nano):

QUOTE gurU sUr bWky [ igno nm qw ky [ jtU sUr jwno [ klXwnw, su nwno ]66]

clw su nwno Dwie klXwxw kRoD Bir [ jgnw ikRSnw sUr su molk hrK Dir [ pWco gur ky sUr cly irs Dwir kY [ sYnw lInI sMig su pry vMgwir kY [ pry cpl irs Dwir ibdwry kuMB gj [ bhu sYnw hq kIn bcw jo jwq Bij ]107]

gey Bwg mUMjI [ ijnY Qor pUMjI [ krw juD BXwnw [ su nwno hqwnw ]112]

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