Bhai Nagahia (d. 1709) was, according to Bhatt Vahi sources, the eldest of the seven sons of Lakkhi Rai and a grandson of Godhu Barhtia Kanavat of the Yadav Chandrabansi clan of Rajputs. Nagahia helped his father Lakkhi Shah recover the headless trunk of Guru Tegh Bahadur from the site of his execution and secretly cremate it by selfishly using their own house as their Guru's funeral pyre.

Bhatt Kesho, recording the obsequies performed in the year 1675 at Raisina, now part of New Delhi, says:

"Paran Dei Grambini is twice blessed for she had given birth to a son like Nagahia… who managed to take away from Chandni Chowk the dead body of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur. with the help of his father Lakkhi Rai, thereby earning for himself and his father eternal fame and glory."

Nagahia laid down his life in April 1709 in the vicinity of Guru Chakk (Amritsar) fighting against Hari Sahai, the chief of Patti, who had led out an expedition against the Sikhs.


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