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Bhai Maninder Singh Ji (Sri Nagar wale) is the younger brother of Bhai Harjinder Singh and they performed Gurbani Kirtan together as a jatha until a few years ago. Now both brothers perform kirtan in separate jathas. Bhai Maninder Singh performs kirtan as a jatha of three, which is well known to most Sikhs globally. He has been performing kirtan from a very young age and he is self-taught. Bhai Maninder Singh is both an exceptional vocalist and highly able harmonium player. For over two decades, Bhai sahib has enlightened Guru-ki-sangat in all parts of the world with his beautiful music and Gurbani Raag.

He plays a mixture of both classical raga and modern tunes mostly as a three-some jatha where Bhai sahib is the lead vocalist with support from jatha members on second harmonium and tabla. Their style is slow and mallow and very conducive to Gurbani kirtan and they have huge following throughout the world and especially in India, UK, Australia, and USA.

On a recent visit to the UK in June/July 2006, both brothers took part in the Atamras kirtan events where they performed as separate groups. Both brother share a very similar style of kirtan.

References KOi Bol Ram Ram

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