Bhai Lal Chand a halwai (sweet maker) was inspired by the exploits of the Sadhu-warrior Mahant Kirpal Das he was inspired. With no military training he joined the Guru's army. Given a horse, a sword and shield he won praise from Guru Gobind Singh for his feats in the battle of Bhangani (1688).

Thus does the Guru eulogize him in his Bachitra Natak, "Wrathful became Lal Chand. His face turned red, he humbled the pride of many a lion (i.e. enemy stalwarts)." A contemporary poet Sainapati, in his brief encomium to Lal Chand in his Sri GurSobha, likens the intensity of the latter's fighting to "a peasant harvesting his crop," or [a volunteer] "ladling out curry [during a feast]."

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