Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji is another warrior Sikh, who is never mentioned by modern writers of Guru History. He was a Sikh of the fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. He asked Guru Ji, “Which position does a warrior get, who dies in a battle fighting his enemies?”. In fact, from the very beginning, the warriors were always there in Sikh Sangat (congregation). These warriors used to ask such questions, which were very crucial for these religious minded soldiers. If we gather all the answers by our Gurus, to these questions, we get a true picture of what we may call now “rules for a warrior”.

As Guru Arjun Dev Ji said to another Sikh warrior, Bhai Aadit Suyini Ji, the first rule for a true warrior is to make sure that he fights for the ‘Dharma’. A warrior should always keep it in his mind that Guru Arjun Dev Ji instructed Bhai Aadit Ji to meditate on the King of kings, the God Almighty, in battlefield. If a warrior is reciting the Name of the God in battlefield, he would surely fight for ‘Dharma’ only. A person fighting against the ‘Dharma’ is not a true warrior. But, what happens to a warrior, who dies in a battle, fighting the enemy?

Guru Arjun Dev Ji replied to Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji, “If a warrior, who have adopted the ‘Dharma’ of bravery and is always fearless in battle, dies in a battle reciting the True Name of the God, gets the state of supreme dignity. All sins of his previous lives are cleansed”. Guru Ji further said, “Those, who die in a battle fighting furiously, without reciting the Name of the God, are reborn and they get worldly pleasures”.

These warriors, who are reborn, get worldly pleasures for a limited period only. These worldly pleasures are not for ever. These worldly warriors do not get ‘Mukti’ (salvation) at all. Though, we have not any detailed information on life of Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji, this little piece of conversation between him and Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji is very important. It gives us an instruction to fight for the ‘Dharma’. It also proves that Sikh Gurus used to instruct his warrior Sikhs to fight for the ‘Dharma’ from the very beginning. The Sikh warriors used to go to battles and they always fought for the ‘Dharma’ only.

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