Bhai Jetha, a Bahil Khatri, was a devoted Sikh of the time of Guru Arjan. Once he, along with Bhai Phirna Khatri and Bhai Changa Khatri of the same clan, waited on Guru Arjan. They had a question: "Some repeat the name of Rama, others of Krishna, some repeat Om, others Soham. We have been taught to meditate on Waheguru. Tell us. True King, which name is the most efficacious ?" The Guru, says Bhai Mani Singh, Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, replied, "Any boat would take one across a river, but one should stick to the boat one has boarded. All names of God lead to liberation. For Sikhs the name revealed by Guru Nanak is Waheguru." Bhai Jetha and his companions concentrated on the name Waheguru and told others to do so.


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