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Bhai Inni Singh is a businessman and multi-talented musician, based in Delhi, India who runs the family business called (DMS) Delhi Musical Stores [1]. The store has been opened since 1970 and lists itself as the Manufacturers and Exporters of Finest quality Indian Musical Instruments.

Bhai Inni Singh started in business at an early age and has already had 18 years of experience of producing the finest Quality Harmoniums and other Musical Instruments used and prized by professional and amateur musicians throughout India and the world.

An avid musician he has been taking vocal training in Indian Classical Music since his childhood and has studied the Tabla with various teachers. His most recent teacher is the World renowned Tabla Player, Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri.

He also plays various musical instruments including the sitar and harmonium. He has recorded 3 beautiful kirtan shabads which are featured on youtube, set to slide shows of Sri Harmandar Sahib. The link to his heartfelt renditions of the shabads he has recorded, so far, are given below:

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