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Bhai Himmat Singh (18 January 1661- 7 December 1705), one of the Panj Piare (the Five Beloved) the first five Singhs, was born in 1661 at Jagannath in a low-caste family of water suppliers. He came to Anandpur at the young age of 17, and attached himself to the service of Guru Gobind Singh.

Bhai Himmat, as he was called before his initiation, was one of the five Sikhs who one by one offered to lay down their heads in response to the Guru's successive calls made at an assembly of the Sikhs especially summoned on the occasion of Baisakhi of 1756 Bk corresponding to 30 March 1699. He along with the other four received the vows of the Khalsa at Guru Gobind Singh's hands and was renamed Himmat Singh.

Bhai Himmat Singh proved himself to be a brave warrior and while at Anandpur, he took part in battles with the surrounding hill chiefs and imperial commanders. He died in the battle of Chamkaur on 7 December 1705 together with Bhai Sahib Singh and Bhai Mukham Singh also members of the historic Panj Pyares.







  • Original Name: Bhai Himmat Rai.
  • Became Bhai Himmat Singh
  • water-carrier, born in Jagan-Nath Puri (Orissa), 1661
  • Father name: Bhai Gulzaree Jee
  • Mother name: Mata Dhanoo Jee
  • Akal Chalana: Attained Shayeedie at Chamkaur Sahib on 1705
  • Born in 1661, Bhai Sahib ji was about 5 years older than Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708)
  • At the time of creation of the Khalsa, Bhai Sahib ji was 38 years old
  • Died aged 44 fighting against the Mughals at the battle of Chamkaur

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