Bhai Buddha Singh (d. 1774), a Brar Jatt who had seen the stirring days of Guru Gobind Singh, took part in January 1764 in the joint attack of Sikh sardars upon Sirhind. The town was seized from the Afghan governor, Zain Khan, who was killed in the action. Since none of the participating sardars was willing to accept possession of the town of Sirhind accurst from its association with the execution of Guru Gobind Singh *s two younger sons, it was assigned to Buddha Singh by a unanimous vote. Along with the lands of Sirhind, Buddha Singh got a camelswivel and 150 matchlocks. Sirhind was, however, later purchased from him by Baba Ala Singh of Patiala. Returning to his headquarters atJhumba, in Muktsar tahsil, Buddha Singh took possession of 28 villages around Abohar. After a fighting career lasting many years, Bhai Buddha Singh died in 1774 at Kaithal where his collateral, Bhai Desu Singh, had established his authority in 1767.


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