Bethuel (Hebrew: בתואל, Bethuel, "House of God") was an inhabitant of ancient Syria and ancestor of the house of Israel.


He was the youngest son of Nahor and Milcah. He had at least two children. His daughter, Rebekah, married Isaac, son of Bethuel's uncle Abraham. His son Laban had two daughters, Rachel and Leah, both of whom married Jacob, son of Isaac.

Marriage of Rebekah

When Eliezer of Damascus, steward of the house of Abraham, came to Padan-aram to find a wife for Isaac, he met Rebekah at a well. Rebekah brought Eliezer before Bethuel and Laban. There Eliezer told this story: he had come first to the well and asked God that the first young woman to offer him water to drink, and to water his camels, should be the one to marry Isaac. Rebekah was that woman. When Bethuel and Laban heard that story, they confessed that only God could have directed such an event, and they must not oppose it.

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