Beth Israel
Basic information
Location 50 North 6th Street, Hamilton, Ohio,
Geographic coordinates 39°23′56″N 84°33′19″W / 39.398847°N 84.555204°W / 39.398847; -84.555204Coordinates: 39°23′56″N 84°33′19″W / 39.398847°N 84.555204°W / 39.398847; -84.555204
Affiliation Conservative Judaism
Status Active
Leadership Rabbi: Eric R. Slaton[1]
Architectural description
Groundbreaking 1929
Year completed 1931
Capacity 200+

Beth Israel Synagogue (Hebrew: בית ישראל‎) is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue located at 50 North 6th Street in Hamilton, Ohio.[2] Originally Orthodox, it was organized by eight families in 1901 as an alternative to Hamilton's existing synagogue, which was Reform, and obtained a charter from the State of Ohio as Bais Israel in 1911.[3]

The Ladies Auxiliary purchased land at Sixth and Butler in 1929. On it the current synagogue building was completed in 1931, which consisted of a main sanctuary, capable of seating over 200, a social hall and a kitchen. An addition, completed in 1961 has offices and classrooms. In 1964, a chapel/multi-purpose room was added.[3]

In 1984 the congregation voted to count women in the minyan, and in 1985 elected its first woman president and voted to call women to the Torah.[3]

As of 2009, the rabbi is Eric R. Slaton;[1] he joined Beth Israel in 1999.[3]


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