Beth Israel
Basic information
Location 600 Camden Avenue,
Salisbury, Maryland,
Geographic coordinates 38°21′27″N 75°36′20″W / 38.357542°N 75.605432°W / 38.357542; -75.605432Coordinates: 38°21′27″N 75°36′20″W / 38.357542°N 75.605432°W / 38.357542; -75.605432
Affiliation Conservative Judaism
Status Active
Leadership Rabbi: H. Richard White[1]
Architectural description
Year completed 1951[2]

Beth Israel Congregation (Hebrew: בית ישראל‎) is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue located at 600 Camden Avenue in Salisbury, Maryland.

Founded in 1925,[3] it was organized by I.L. Benjamin upon the death of his father, and originally called Kahelas Israel Congregation. At the time there were only nine Jewish families in Salisbury.[4]

Beth Israel moved to its current building in 1951.[2] In 2006 it was recognized by both the Wicomico County and Salisbury councils for 80 years of providing services and programs to "residents of the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia".[3][5]

As of 2009, its rabbi was H. Richard White.[1]


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