Saint Bernard degli Uberti
Pietro Perugino 061.jpg
Bernard degli Uberti, by Pietro Perugino
Bishop of Parma
Died December 4, 1133, Parma, Italy
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast December 4

Saint Bernard degli Uberti (Italian: Bernardo degli Uberti) (died December 4, 1133) was an abbot of Vallombrosa, a bishop of Parma, papal legate, and a cardinal. A member of the noble Uberti family of Florence, he became a Vallumbrosan monk. He became abbot of San Salvi and was eventually elected the general-superior of the congregation.[1] Pope Urban II made him a cardinal in 1097, and Bernard also served as bishop of Parma.

Bernard was a supporter of Pope Gregory VII, and as a result was driven into exile in 1104 by the followers of the antipope Maginulf (Sylvester IV).[1] Some sources state that he was in fact dragged violently from the altar. [2]

He did not return to Parma until 1106. However, he was exiled again in 1127 after opposing the proclamation of Conrad II. He died in his see on December 4, 1133.

He was the subject of paintings by Bernardino Gatti and Pietro Perugino.

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