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Bentivenga da Bentivengi (1230 — March 25, 1289) was an Italian Franciscan and cardinal.

He was born in Aquasparta and entered the Order of Franciscans in young age. He became famous as preacher. In 1276 he was elected bishop of Todi. Pope Nicholas III in the consistory of March 12, 1278 created him Cardinal-Bishop of Albano and on September 25, 1279 named him grand penitentiary. He was involved in the redaction of decree Exiit qui seminat of Nicholas III. He participated in the Papal election, 1285 and Papal election, 1287-1288. Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals from December 1285. He is mentioned as the author of a sermon collection and a Veritatis Theologicae Volumen, both disappeared.

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