Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Position Rabbi Emeritus
Synagogue Young Israel of Oceanside
Position Professor of Talmud
Yeshiva Yeshiva University
Personal details
Born 1933
Zurich, Switzerland
Nationality Template:Flag
Denomination Orthodox
Residence New York
Parents Rabbi Benzion and Mrs. Gittel Blech
Spouse Elaine
Children Tamar Har-Oz, Yael Lubofsky, Jordana Klein and Ari Blech
Alma mater Yeshiva University
Semicha RIETS

Benjamin Blech, born in Zurich in 1933, is an Orthodox rabbi who now lives in New York City.

Rabbi Blech has been a Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University since 1966, and was the Rabbi of Young Israel of Oceanside for 37 years.[1] In addition to his work in the rabbinate, Rabbi Blech is a prolific author of books on Judaism and the Jewish people. He is also highly-regarded speaker, who has spoken on Jewish topics to communities around the world.


Rabbi Blech received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yeshiva University, a Master of Arts degree in psychology from Columbia University, and rabbinic ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.[2]

Relationship with the Vatican

In January 2005, Rabbi Blech, along with Rabbis Barry Dov Schwartz and Jack Bemporad, became one of the first rabbis in history known to confer a blessing on a Pope, when they were invited by the Vatican to visit and bless Pope John Paul II at Clementine Hall in the Apostolic Palace.[3]

Published works

  • Blech, Benjamin (January 1991). Understanding Judaism: The Basics of Deed and Creed. KTAV. ISBN 9780876682913. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (August 1991). The Secrets of Hebrew Words. Jason Aronson. ISBN 9780876686102. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (January 1993). More Secrets of Hebrew Words: Holy Days and Happy Days. Jason Aronson. ISBN 9780876682234. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (December 1998). The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Culture. Alpha. ISBN 9780028627113. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (June 1999). Your Name Is Your Blessing: Hebrew Names and Their Mystical Meanings. Jason Aronson. ISBN 9780765760531. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (August 1999). The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism. Alpha. ISBN 9780028631912. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (January 2000). The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Yiddish. Alpha. ISBN 9780028633879. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (March 2003). Taking Stock: A Spiritual Guide to Rising Above Life's Financial Ups and Downs. Amacom Books. ISBN 9780814407875. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (September 2003). If God Is Good, Why Is The World So Bad?. Simcha Press. ISBN 9780757301230. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (March 2005). The Book of Passover: A Celebration. Citadel. ISBN 9780806525808. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (March 2006). The Book of Passover. Citadel. ISBN 9780806527376. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (March 2007). Eyewitness to Jewish History. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 9780470053133. 
  • Blech, Benjamin (April 2008). The Sistene Secrets. Harperone. ISBN 9780061469046. 

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