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Ben Yehuda Street at night


Ben Yehuda Street on Shabbat, when businesses are closed (looking from Zion Square).

Ben Yehuda Street (Hebrew: מדרחוב בן יהודה Midrachov Ben Yehuda‎ "Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall"; commonly known as "The Midrachov"), is a major pedestrian shopping street in downtown Jerusalem, Israel. It runs from the intersection of King George Street and Betzalel Street to Zion Square on Jaffa Road.

The street is named after the founder of modern Hebrew, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.

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Coordinates: 31°46′53″N 35°13′03″E / 31.7815°N 35.2176°E / 31.7815; 35.2176

ar:ابن يهودة (شارع)

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