Beit HaKerem (Hebrew בית הכרם, literally "house of the vineyard") is a biblical place associated with the Tribe of Judah (Neh. 3:14).

Some identify Beit HaKerem with Ein Kerem. Others place Beit HaKerem south of Jerusalem, at Ramat Rachel, where cairns on the ridge may have served as beacons of old. [1] Others say it was near Tekoa, later known as Herodium[2][3] According to the Bible, the trumpet sounded against the invading army of Babylon at this place (Jer. 6:1).

Beit Hakerem was a district center during the Persian Period, (Nehemiah 3:14). Archeological finds at Ramat Rachel have yielded dozens of seal impressions on jar handles from the 4th-3rd centuries BCE bearing the inscription yehud, the official name of the province of Judah in this period. [4]


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