Monastery information
Full Name Abbaye de Beaulieu-en-Rouergue
Other Names Abbaye de Belloc
Order Cistercian
Established 1144
Disestablished 1789
Diocese Rodez
Founder Adhémar III, Bishop of Rodez
Location Ginals, Tarn-et-Garonne, France
Coordinates 44°12′37″N 1°51′14″E / 44.21028°N 1.85389°E / 44.21028; 1.85389Coordinates: 44°12′37″N 1°51′14″E / 44.21028°N 1.85389°E / 44.21028; 1.85389

Beaulieu-en-Rouergue Abbey is a former Cistercian monastery in south-west France, founded in 1144. Today, the abbey houses a museum of contemporary art. It is located in the commune of Ginals in the north-east of the Tarn-et-Garonne department, Midi-Pyrénées. The abbey was sometimes called abbey of Belloc.


Located in the valley of the River Seye, in the old province of Rouergue, the abbey was founded by the bishop of Rodez, Adhémar III. The buildings were heightened in the 17th centuries, but then fell in to decline by the 18th century, when the cloister was demolished. At the time of the French Revolution, the monastery was closed and the buildings sold, to be converted into a farm. Part of the buildings were dismantled. In 1875 the buildings were first classed as a monument historique.[1] It was purchased in 1960 by M. Brache and Mme. Bonnefoi, who carried out important restoration work, aided by the Caisse des monuments historique et des sites (currently the Centre des monuments nationaux). In 1973, they gifted the abbey, together with an important collection of modern art, to the French state. The abbey was then transformed into a centre for contemporary art, and today is the most important museum of contemporary art in the Midi-Pyrénées area, with works by artists including Henri Michaux, Jean Dubuffet, and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, as well as regional artists.


Abbaye de Beaulieu

View of monastic buildings.


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