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Be'er Ya'akov

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Be'er Ya'akov
Beer Yaakov COA
Beer Yaakov pic01
District Center
Government Local council (from 1949)
Hebrew בְּאֵר יַעֲקֹב
Name meaning Jacob's well
Also spelled Be'er Ya'aqov (officially)
Population 9,400[1] (2006)
Area 8580 dunams (8.58 km2; 3.31 sq mi)
Head of municipality Nissim Gozlan
Founded in 1907
Coordinates 31°56′33.14″N 34°50′1.5″E / 31.9425389°N 34.83375°E / 31.9425389; 34.83375Coordinates: 31°56′33.14″N 34°50′1.5″E / 31.9425389°N 34.83375°E / 31.9425389; 34.83375

Be'er Ya'akov (Hebrew: בְּאֵר יַעֲקֹב‎, lit. Jacob's Well) is a town with local council status in the central Israel, near Ness Ziona and Rishon Lezion.

Be'er Ya'akov has an area of 8,580 dunams (~8.6 km²).[2] In December 2006, it had a population of 9,400.[1]Be'er Ya'akov was founded in 1907 by Jewish immigrants from Dagestan. It achieved local council status in 1949.

Be'er Ya'akov was named after Ya'akov Yitzhaki, a rabbi and Jewish pioneer.[3]

Two hospitals are located in Be'er Ya'akov: Asaf HaRofe Hospital (near Tzrifin), and Shmuel HaRofe Geriatric Hospital.



Be'er Ya'akov is served by the Be'er Ya'akov Railway Station, for trains on the Binyamina-Ashkelon line.


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