Battle of Mecca
Part of Unification of Saudi Arabia
Date 1924
Location Mecca
Result Sultanate of Nejd Victory
Saudi state 1860-1890 1902-1930 Sultanate of Nejd Flag of Hejaz 1917 Kingdom of Hejaz
Saudi state 1860-1890 1902-1930 Sultan bin Bijad Flag of Hejaz 1917 Hussien bin Ali
2000 men 500 men[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown number of deaths
5 Armors
1 Aircraft

Template:Campaignbox Unification of Saudi Arabia Battle of Mecca took place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. following the fall of Taif to King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. King Hussien bin Ali has fled from Mecca to Jeddah leaving hundreds of weapons left in the Qishla of Mecca for Ibn Saud men.

Hussien fled again later to Cyprus, declaring his son Ali bin Hussien as the King of Hejaz.

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Notes and references

  • Al-Harbi, Dalal: King Abdulaziz and his Strategies to deal with events : Events of Jeddah. 2003 , King Abdulaziz national library. ISBN 9-960624-88-9 .
  1. From Bullard to Mr ChamberLain. Mecca, 1924 September. (No.# secrets) - Archieved Post


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