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Battle of Jenin
Part of Operation Defensive Shield
Aerial image of the city of Jenin with refugee camp marked
Date April 3-11, 2002 (Israeli troop withdrawal begins April 18)
Location Jenin, West Bank
Result Israeli victory
Flag of Israel.svg Israel Palestinian territories Fatah (Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Tanzim)
Hamas flag2 Hamas
Islamic Jihad
Yehuda Yedidia
Eyal Shlein
Ofek Buchris
Hazem Qabha
Zakaria Zubeidi
Mahmoud TawallbeTemplate:KIA
1 reserve infantry brigade
2 regular infantry battalions
Commando teams[1]
some 200 - several hundreds[1][2]
Casualties and losses
23 dead
52 wounded[1]
53 dead (5 civilians according to IDF; at least 27 militants and 22 civilians according to HRW[3])
Hundreds wounded
200 captured[1]
Dozens of houses destroyed[1]

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