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Israel outline haifa
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Um al qutuf and Bartaa panorama 01 May27 2006
Barta'a, one of the three villages is in the centre, alongside Umm al-Qutuf.
District Haifa
Government Local council
Hebrew בסמ"ה
Arabic بسم
Population 7,900 (2005)
Founded in 1995
Coordinates 32°30′7.74″N 35°6′14″E / 32.50215°N 35.10389°E / 32.50215; 35.10389Coordinates: 32°30′7.74″N 35°6′14″E / 32.50215°N 35.10389°E / 32.50215; 35.10389

Basma (Arabic: بسم‎, Hebrew: בסמ"ה‎) is an Israeli-Arab local council located in the Wadi Ara area of the Haifa District. The local council was formed in 1995 through the consolidation of the villages of Barta'a West, Ein as-Sahala, and Muawiya; Basma is an acronym of the villages' names. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, the locality had a population of 7,900 at the end of 2005.[1]


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Coordinates: 32°30′7.74″N 35°6′14″E / 32.50215°N 35.10389°E / 32.50215; 35.10389

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