Towns of aram

Barga (kingdom) was a city-state in the Amarna letters period of 1350-1335 BC and later. It is mentioned as the "land of Barga" by Mursilis II in treaties, (see Habiru). The Amarna letters correspondence is composed of 382 clay 'tablet-letters', the majority written to the pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and Barga is only referenced in the subcorpus letters authored by Akizzi, the Prince of Qatna.

The region was generally southwest of Aleppo, in the neighborhood of other kingdoms, such as Nuhašše, Niya (kingdom), and others. In the Amarna letters, Barga is referenced only in one damaged letter, (EA 57, EA for 'el Amarna'), when referencing the "king of Barga" and "Akizzi, king of Qatna".

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