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Divide baani of guru granth sahib in three main groups ->
First - Nitnem banis(Grom Page 1 to 13)
Second - Bani with raagas(page 14 to 1352)
third - Baani without raagas (Page 1352 to 1430)

In detail the trateeb of bani is like this:

Mool Mantar
38 Porhian
Sodar (5 shabad)
So purkh (4 Shabad)
Sohila (% Shabad)
Raag baani (21 Raag)
Salokh Sahaskriti mahela 1
Salokh Sahaskriti mahela 5
Gatha mehla 5
Funhey mehla 5
Chaubole mahela 5
Salokh Kabeer jee
Salokh Fareed ji
Bhatt Swaiyey
Salokh vaars and vadheek (1,3,4,5)
salokh mahela 9
mundawali mehla 5
salokh mehla 5
raag mehla

In Raags

Shabad of bhagats

Above all are given here under format Mahela 1
Mahela 2
Mahela 3
Mahela 4
Mahela 5
Mahela 9
Mahela means the guru who spoke that particular chant, ashtpadi, salokh, or waar


֒ Dharam Sikhyaa Book from Guru gobind singh study circle

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