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Belmont Abbey Cloister and Nave Camille Enlart 1921

Balamand Monastery (1921)

The Balamand Monastery (historically called Belmont, Bellimontis ultra Mare or Bellus-Mons), is a Greek Orthodox monastery founded in 1157 in Balamand near Tripoli, Lebanon.


File:Balamand, the pearl of the East (2).JPG
  • Louis J. Lekai: The Cistercians: Ideals and Reality, Kent State University Press, 1977. ISBN 0-87338-201-3.

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Belmont Abbey Ground Plan Désiré Louis Camille Enlart 1921 12 17

Balamand Monastery floor plan (1921)

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Coordinates: 34°22′06″N 35°46′46″E / 34.36825°N 35.7794444444°E / 34.36825; 35.7794444444

ro:Mănăstirea Balamand

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