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Balabusta is a Yiddish expression describing a good homemaker among Ashkenazi Jews. The word derives from the Hebrew word ba'alat-habayit.

In contradistinction to the English terms "housewife" or "homemaker", it usually has purely positive connotations,[1] although there are sources that claim otherwise.[2] The traditional role of the balabusta also includes, besides fulfilling the household duties for the family, its spiritual bonding and helping its members hold together.[3]

Variations on this word include the Yiddish Balabuste or Balabusteh and the Ladino Balabusha among Sephardi Jews.[4]

The word balabusta comes from the Hebrew ba'al habayit, meaning master of the house.

In popular culture

Martin Davidson's Rechnitzer Rejects group recorded a song titled "Balabustas", an homage to the traditional role set to the theme song of the 1984 movie Ghostbusters.

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