The Badd Giacaman Museum (Arabic:متحف بد جقمان, also known as the al-Bad Museum for Olive Oil Production) is located in the center of Bethlehem, near the Church of the Nativity. The building in which the museum was built dates from the 18th–19th century. From 1998 to 2000, the museum was restored by the Department of Antiquities, in coordination with the UNDP and the Greek Orthodox Society.

The museum houses several ethnographic and archaeological artifacts depicting the process of olive oil production. The exhibits demonstrate the use of olive oil for lamps, medicine, food, soap, cosmetics, etc.


Coordinates: 31°42′21.32″N 35°12′12.84″E / 31.7059222°N 35.2035667°E / 31.7059222; 35.2035667

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