This is the index of the bani or composition called Bachitar Natak which appears as the third works of Guru Gobind Singh in the Dasam Granth, the second most important scripture of the Sikhs which is written entirely by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru.

The chapters are numbered at the beginning, but the title of each chapter is given at the conclusion, following the traditional Indian convention. The page numbers used here for this Bani are the ones that appears at the website and

Chapter Pages Index of Bachitar Natak No. of
Number 94 to 175
94 to 175
Description of Chapter Shabads
1 94 to 112
94 to 112
Eulogy of Akal Purakh, the ultimate being. 1.101 101
2 112 to 118
112 to 118
My Story. Opening statements and mention of Lava and Kusha, the two sons of Rama. The Description of Ancestry. 2.137 36
3 118 to 127
118 to 127
Descendants of Lava and Kusha and emergence of the Bedi and Sodhi clans (in which 8 of the 10 Sikh Gurus were born). The Description of the War of the Descendants of LAVA KUSHA. 3.189 52
4 127 to 129
127 to 129
The Recitation of the Vedas and the Offering of Kingdom. The interaction of the two clans. The Recitation of the Vedas and the Offering of Kingdom. 4.199 10
5 129 to 131
129 to 131
Description of the Spiritual Rulers, i.e. of the nine Sikh Gurus preceding Gobind Singh himself, from Nanak to Teg Bahadur (father of Gobind Singh). The Description of the Spiritual Kings (Preceptors). 5.215 16
6 131 to 142
131 to 142
My coming into the World: The Command of Supreme KAL to Me for Coming into the World. Includes an account of Gobind Singh performing "tapa" at Hemkunt in the Himalayan mountains, in a previous birth. 6.279 64
7 142 to 143
142 to 143
Birth of the Poet. Starts with his birth in Patna, and arrival in the Madra desh (i.e. Punjab region). 7.282 3
8 143 to 149
143 to 149
The Battle of Bhangani. Includes his settlement of the Ananadpur, which was to be the center of his spiritual and literary activities. 8.320 38
9 149 to 153
149 to 153
Description of the Battle of Nadaun. 9.344 24
10 153 to 155
153 to 155
Description of the Expedition of Khanzada and his flight out of fear 10.354 10
11 155 to 167
155 to 167
Killing of Hussaini and of Kirpal: Description of the Killing of Hussaini and also the Killing of Kirpal, Himmat and Sangatia. 11.423 69
12 167 to 169
167 to 169
Description of the Battle of Jujhar Singh. 12.435 12
13 169 to 173
169 to 173
Arrival of the Mughal Shahzada (the Prince) and the Officers. 13.460 25
14 173 to 175
173 to 175
The Supplication to the Lord, Destroyer of All. 14.471 11

The autobiography terminates here abruptly. Apparently the Guru became engaged in other affairs. The next book in the Dasam Granth is Chandi Charitra. This composition is thought to have occurred just prior to the founding of the Khalsa order by the Guru.

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1. Akal Purakh | 2. Ancestry | 3. Descendants | 4. Vedas & Offering | 5. Spiritual Rulers | 6. My Coming | 7. Birth of Poet | 8. Bhangani Battle | 9. Nadaun Battle | 10. Khanzada | 11. Hussaini & Kirpal | 12. Jujhar Singh | 13. Mughal Shahzada | 15. Supplication

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