Baba Shiv Ram (b. 1418) was the paternal grandfather of Guru Nanak, and was the son of Ram Narain, a Bedi Khatri. He and his wife, Mata Banarasi, lived in a village called Patthevind, now the site of Gurdwara Dera Sahib, 10 km east of Naushahra Pannuan in present-day Amritsar district of Punjab. At some point before the birth of Nanak, they moved to the village of Rai Bhoi Ki Talvandi, now called Nankana Sahib. As was the custom at the time they played an important part in the bringing up of infant Nanak.

He was the father of two sons Baba Lalu and Baba Kalu or Kalian Rai or the more common name used these days—Mehta Kalu, the father of Guru Nanak.

Sometime during the middle of the fifteenth century, the family shifted to Talvandi Rai Bhoi Ki, now Nankana Sahib in Sheikhupura district of Pakistan, where Shiv Ram became a patvari or village rent collector for the local chief, Rai Bular, a descendant of Rai Bhoi the Bhatti noble whose name the village commemorated.


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Relatives of Shri Guru Nanak Dev guru nanak

Grandparents: ✏ Mata BanarasiBaba Shiv Ram ✏ Grandparents (Maternal):✏ Mata BhiraiBaba Rama
Parents: ✏ Kalyan DasMata Tripta ✏ Uncle: ✏ Baba Lalu ✏ In-Laws: ✏ Baba Mool ChandMata Chando Rani
Wife: ✏ Bibi Sulakhni ✏ Siblings: ✏ Bibi Nanaki ✏ Brother-in-law: ✏ Bhai Jai Ram
Children: ✏ Baba Sri ChandBaba Lakhmi Das

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