Bāb Saghīr Cemeteries

Bāb Saghīr (Arabic: باب صغير‎), also called "Goristan-e-Ghariban", is a street in Damascus, Syria, with cemeteries on either side of the road.


The cemeteries include:

The following tombs are also found within this cemetery, however these are fake graves created for the purpose of ziyarah (the real graves of these figures are found in Jannatul Baqee', Madinah, Saudi Arabia):

As well within this cemetery:

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Coordinates: 33°30′22.5″N 36°18′23.5″E / 33.50625°N 36.306528°E / 33.50625; 36.306528

ar:باب الصغير

ur:باب صغیر

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