Bāb Antakiya (Arabic: باب انطاكية‎) (Aleppo Arabic:bæb əntākye) (Gate of Antioch) formed one of the most important defense gates in Aleppo, protecting the city from the west. It is one of the oldest gates built due to its strategic site thus going through several construction periods. Sayf al-Daula rebuilt the gate using its antique foundations and the Fatimids restored it during the 11th century. It went through periodical repairs and restorations until 1422. The Bab is well preserved today with both its towers still intact. The two massive Ayyubid defense towers were built with thick stone walls into which the deep arrow slits were discreetly inserted. The gate contains the shrine of Sheikh Ali al-Rumi in the southern tower[1].


  1. Tabbaa, Yasser. 1997. Constructions of Power and Piety in Medieval Aleppo.The Pennsylvania State University Press. 22.

Coordinates: 36°11′55.25″N 37°9′5.25″E / 36.1986806°N 37.1514583°E / 36.1986806; 37.1514583

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