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Ba'al-Hamon ("Ruler of a Crowd or a Multitude") was a place mentioned in Song of Solomon 8:11, as the location of a productive vineyard owned by Solomon, who let out the vineyard to tenants, each of whom was to bring him a thousand silver shekels.

The locale has been supposed to be identical with Baal-gad, and also with Hammon in the tribe of Asher (Joshua 19:28). Others identify it with Belamon, in Central Palestine, near Dothaim. Some readers have suggested that it is not to be taken as a literal place, but a figurative indication to the wealthy realm over which Solomon ruled.

Ba'al-Hamon (sometimes written Ba'al-Hammon, Ba'al Khamon, or Baal-Ammon) was the chief god of Carthage, deity of sky and vegetation, depicted as a bearded older man with curling ram's horns[1], and considered the consort of the Carthaginian goddess Tanit[2].

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