Daniel R. aka Báalam is a Psytrance promoter/producer/DJ, born in Mexico City in 1979, and currently based in Manitoba.


Báalam first entered into the music business at the age of 17 as a drummer for several rock projects.

He was the founder of a major promoter of psytrance music in the North of México, Caffix, where his work included organizing events, and promoting national and international artists.

In charge of the areas of design and promotion he has worked and shared the stage with artists like:

Mubali [Trishula Recs. USA], Hyperfrequencies [Mechanik Recs. France], Neuromotor [Mechanik Recs. France], Deeper In Zen [Soular Recs. USA], Naked Tourist [Parvati Recs. Germany], Audiopathik [Devils Mind Recs/Acidance Recs/ Mass Abductions Recs. México ], Christer [Shiva Space Technology/Mechanik Recs. Norway], Unreal 303 [Marakame. México], Duendo Matka [Caffix/. México], Xikwri Neyrra [Psytribe Recs.Mexico], Skunks Of Satan [Harakiri.Mexico], Master Pain [Black Magic Recs.Mexico], Kali Aritka [Phonokol Recs. México], Chris Organix (Phantasm Recs. Canada) among others.

After co-hosting a rock show in the early 2000s (decade) in Radiobemba, a local independent radio station, he started a new show "Trance Nation" (2005–2006) broadcasting music from the Psytrance scene.

In 2007, Báalam started a new independent and underground record label called "Caffix Records", dedicated to promoting psychedelic culture and new artists from the local scene and overseas.

Record Labels



  • VA - "DAYDREAM" 2008 (Caffix)
  • VA - "INNER-BELIAL" 2009 (Caffix)




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