Azor COA
District Tel Aviv
Government Local council (from 1951)
Hebrew אָזוֹר
Population 10,200[1] (2006)
Area 2415 dunams (2.415 km2; 0.932 sq mi)
Head of municipality Arie Pechter
Founded in 1948
Location azor

Location of Azor in the Tel Aviv District

Azor (Hebrew: אָזוֹר‎) (also Azur) is a small town (local council) in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, on the old Jaffa-Jerusalem road southeast of Tel Aviv. Established in 1948, Azor was granted local council status in 1951. It was named for the ancient city of Azur (lit. mighty, heroic), preserved in the name of the Arab village of Yazur. [2] In 2006, it had a population of 10,200 and a jurisdiction of 2,415 dunams (~2.4 km²).[3]

Notable residents


Coordinates: 32°1′20.03″N 34°48′40.47″E / 32.0222306°N 34.8112417°E / 32.0222306; 34.8112417

ca:Azor (Israel) cs:Azor et:Azorka:აზორიru:Азор wo:Asor

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