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Ayya Poonsirivara is a fully ordained bhikkhuni (nun) in Thailand. She earned a B.A. from Thammasat University, Thailand; an M.A. from Texas Southern University.

She has made translations of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s teachings (Thai to English). She ordained as a Theravada Nun in Dumbulla, Sri Lanka.

In May 2008 she established her own vihara "Suan Siridham" (Garden of Radiant Dhamma) about two hours drive south of Bangkok.

It is a place for women who want to follow the Buddha's path as a Samaneri and Bhikkhuni. Women who want to come to practice meditation and to learn about the Bhikkhunis way of life are also welcome.

Suan Siridham will also be a place for teaching Dhamma in a practical way to young people.

Contact: "bhikkhunipoonsirivara at gmail dot com"

She is a 2009 recipient of the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards.

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