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Avnei Eitan

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Avnei Eitan
Hebrew אַבְנֵ"י אֵיתָ"ן
Council Golan
Region Golan Heights
Coordinates 32°49′29″N 35°46′00″E / 32.82472°N 35.7666667°E / 32.82472; 35.7666667Coordinates: 32°49′29″N 35°46′00″E / 32.82472°N 35.7666667°E / 32.82472; 35.7666667

Avnei Eitan (Hebrew: אַבְנֵ"י אֵיתָ"ן‎), elevation 385 meters (1,263 ft) above sea level, is an Israeli settlement, moshav on the Golan Heights founded after the 1973 Yom Kippur War in honor of six Israeli soldiers who had been killed in battle. A prominent landmark in the area is one of the starting points to the El Al Stream, the other being the neighboring moshav of Eli Ad. It is a largely religiously observant agricultural community located in a region sometimes referred to as the Gush Hispin, or Hispin bloc, of religious communities in the southern Golan Heights. The moshav receives municipal services from the Golan Regional Council.

About 80 families live on Avnei Eitan, including 20 families who had been expelled from Gush Katif, mainly from the former communities of Netzer Hazani and Kfar Darom. There are two distinct neighborhoods in the moshav; an "old" neighborhood, in which each house also has a substantial plot of land, as well as the "new" neighborhood, built after 2000, which consists of four rows of small identical houses which cater to young families, and another row of larger houses in which the former Gush Katif residents live.

The community is host to the pre-military yeshiva, or mechina, named "Leadership Yeshiva Academy" or commonly referred to as Mechinat Avnei Eitan. This particular mechina caters to English speaking students from outside of Israel interested in the army.

Rabbi Erez Levi is the rabbi of the community and also rosh yeshiva of the mechinah.

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