50 Shekel
Birth name Aviad Cohen
Born March 11, 1975 (age 34)
Tel aviv, Israel
Origin Brooklyn, New york, USA
Genres Christian, Techno, Hip hop
Occupations Singer, Rapper
Years active 2003–present
Labels Hebrew Homie Records

Aviad Cohen (born March 11, 1975), is an Israeli-born Christian singer and songwriter.


Aviad Cohen was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1975, but his the family migrated to Brooklyn, New York two years later.[1][2] In September of 2008 he moved to Israel, then returned to the United States in the summer of 2009.[3]

Aviad grew up in the Yeshiva and Jewish private school systems of New York and New Jersey and later attended public high school and graduated with a B.A. in Communications from Hofstra University. In 2004 he converted from Conservative Judaism to Christianity.[4][5] He became affiliated with Messianic Judaism, but later distanced himself from this movement. [6]

50 Shekel

Cohen bagan rapping under the name 50 Shekel, a reference to both 50 Cent and the Israeli currency.[7]

Parodying 50 Cent's In Da Club, in 2003 he released In Da Shul.[8] Q magazine called him "The World's Most Kosher MC", and he was also featured in several other newspapers and television programs.

Shekel's style has been described as Evangelical Rap, with a mixture of Hip-hop and Pop music.[5]



Album information
Hooked On The Truth[9]
  • Released: 2006
Fire Starter[9]
  • Released: 2008


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