Australian Christian Channel
Australian Christian Channel
Launched Easter 1999
Country Australia
Broadcast area Australia
Terrestrial service 1 Digital Forty Four
Terrestrial channel 1 Digital Channel 46 (Sydney)
Satellite service 1 Foxtel Digital
Satellite channel 1 Channel 182
Satellite service 2 Austar Digital
Satellite channel 2 Channel 182
Cable service 1 Foxtel Digital
Cable channel 1 Channel 182
Cable service 2 Optus Digital
Cable channel 2 Channel 182
Cable service 3 Austar Digital
Cable channel 3 Channel 182
Cable service 4 Neighbourhood Cable (regional Victoria, Australia)
Cable channel 4 Channel 57
Cable service 5 TransACT (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
Cable channel 5 Channel 42
Online service 1 ACC Live
Online channel 1

Australian Christian Channel (ACC) is a Christian channel featured on subscription-based television in Australia. ACC is on Foxtel, Austar, Optus and TransACT. ACC is available on digital television in Sydney on the Digital Forty Four service. It can also be viewed online at their website.

ACC Commenced transmission on the Optus pay TV platform, and when the content sharing agreement was reached with Foxtel (which allowed channels to be seen on both platforms) ACC became part of Foxtel

ACC has a strategic partnership with Shine TV in New Zealand by working together to establish a broadcast service center in Australia that provides programming for both ministries.

The Australian Christian Channel is a non-profit organization. Any proceeds in addition to expenses go to fostering new programs, conducting support services or community welfare programs.

ACC does not sell air time - programs are broadcast at no cost. The provision of finance is not a consideration in determining which programs will go to air on ACC. Programs are selected on merit and their potential placement within the schedule.

ACC sources a number of programs from the free to air satellite network TBN and the affiliated youth station JCTV, Both of which, along with other Christian stations such as God TV Hope TV and 3ABN are available free in Australia off the Optus D2 satellite.

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